​The keypad provided solution is perfect for someone who wants a simple, easy way to engage with their audience without an internet connection.

Quick Start
​Remove the problem of connecting with a smartphone by simply giving your audience a hand-held device that facilitates participation.

Maximum Flexibility
​As this solution is PowerPoint driven, it is fully customisable. Users can choose from a range of graphing options to display the live results, as well as change the style and formatting of the presentation.

Keypad Provided Audience Response System

How does audience response technology work?

Each Clikapad comes with 10 numbered buttons, allowing multiple choice questions to be answered with up to 10 different options. Audience members can answer as individuals, or as teams.

When paired with our customisable presentation software, the audience response devices have the capacity to provide an instant personal and detailed interaction between audience and presenter, as results are collated in live-time.

Congress Rental manages the backend operations from start to finish to produce a stress-free, seamless service for your event. We provide you with expertise gained from hundreds of audience response events to ensure you get the very best solution.

Data reports displaying a range of graphs are produced following your event that allow you to gain valuable quantitative data from your audience. Interactive sound effects are also available to wow your audience.

This solution is suitable for events up to 500 participants.

What benefits come with the audience response system?

Audience response systems have several direct benefits that provide instant advantages to both the client and the user.

Audience response devices help presenters understand their audience, both demographically and intellectually.

By gauging the current knowledge of audience members, it enables them to identify the level at which they need to deliver their talk.

The ability to cater the content of their presentation to best suit the needs of their specific demographic guarantees the client improved audience engagement.

Direct participation through technological game-like interaction draws the audience in, boosting focus and retention.

​The audience response system also helps encourage communication, connecting audience members and fostering new relationships between your attendees. This manifests in the establishment of longer term relationships for future networking.

What are the best uses for this technology?

The uses of these devices are not capped by any means. With the technology developing every day to include audio and other immersive experiences, the options really are limitless.

You can tailor the system to suit the needs of your business, event or corporate use. The following is a non-exhaustive list of possible applications.

  • Conferences
  • Events
  • Delegate Voting
  • Executive Decision Making
  • Corporate Training
  • Professional Development Seminars
  • Market Research and Surveys
  • Education – Secondary and Tertiary
  • Medical Training
  • Trivia Quizzes
  • Game Shows

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