Bosch Dicentis Wired Discussion Conference Microphones

Conference Microphone Solutions

The revolutionary conference microphone that really has it all.

With its award winning design, comprehensive dual-functionality and versatile features including participant recognition, language selection and voting functionality; the Bosch DICENTIS is truly an essential for any conference.

Increase your meeting efficiency with the 4.3 inch touchscreen displaying the participant list, agenda topics, voting buttons and language selection.

Maximise your space with the device’s dual-functionality, enabling two users to access the full functionality of the device simultaneously.

Introducing the Bosch DICENTIS Conference Microphone System

Participant Recognition
  • Delegates are given a card with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, allowing them to move freely between microphones
  • Participants simply tap the microphone with their NFC card to gain access to the microphone system
  • Delegates are added to the speakers list by simply pressing the button on the device
  • The chairman can track and select the speakers from the queue
  • Enable security access restrictions to provide extra security
  • Seating can be free or fixed
  • Record and display the number of present and absent delegates
  • Displays a welcome screen with personal participant information
  • Other participants will immediately know who is speaking
Language Selection
  • Delegates can choose to listen to the speaker in their language of preference
  • Available languages are displayed in native characters to enhance readability
  • Language selection is automatically activated when headphones are connected to the device
  • Perfect for simultaneous interpretation.
Voting Functionality
  • Includes five touch buttons to support electronic voting including:
    1. Present button
    2. For
    3. Against
    4. Abstain
    5. DNPV (Does Not want to Participate in Vote)
  • Buttons to vote only light up when voting is available to ensure participant concentration
  • Votes can be tracked or anonymous
  • Optional security password and NFC identification for reliable results.
Logo Display
  • Display your company or event logo on the 4.3 inch capacitive touch screen
  • Customise a different logo for each individual device.
Additional Features
  • Dual functionality for all features
  • Configurable as a single participant, dual-use, or chairperson’s device
  • 4.3 inch capacitive touch screen
  • Audio mute button
  • Crystal-clear sound
  • Loudspeaker and microphone can be activated simultaneously to facilitate a face-to-face meeting experience
  • Encryption ensures that information within the system remains confidential
  • Choose from a short-stem or long-stem pluggable microphone insert
  • Independent volume control on each side of the device

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