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Sign Language

Sign Language Assistance

Ensuring everyone can understand

New Zealand Sign Language interpreters facilitate communication between those hard of hearing or deaf, and the hearing community at events and meetings. New Zealand recognises NZSL as an official language of New Zealand and therefore we offer technology to ensure our NZSL Interpreters can provide a high quality interpretation for those who require NZSL.

At Congress Rental we can help add NZSL to your face to face or online virtual meetings and events. 

What is New Zealand Sign Language?

New Zealand Sign Language or NZSL is one of the three official languages of New Zealand. NZSL is the main language of the deaf community in New Zealand. 

It became an official language of New Zealand in April 2006. People have the right to speak New Zealand Sign Language in any legal proceedings in New Zealand. 

Congress Rental works with NZSL interpreters to add NZSL to any live event, or online stream via video.

Highly Accredited

We do all of the research and vetting so that you don't have to. Our network contains only the most qualified NZSL interpreters in New Zealand

Quality Assurance

We monitor and evaluate all aspects of our NZSL interpreters - from their video stream to their internet connection and even their working environment.

Subject Experts​

Our NSZL interpreters are experts at learning new subject matter and industry jargon quickly and efficiently to deliver flawless interpretation at your event.

Quality Assurance

Our technicians are available to fully support the event, they will carefully assess your event location and determine a successful set-up to ensure your event is seamless and error-free.

Products and Features

  • We can take the stress out of planning an audio system for a multi steam event which includes a NZSL stream, this can be online or in person, our products are designed for excellent quality and the hardware on the day ensures user friendly operation. 
  • We can add 'Picture in Picture' sign language options to any event online or in person. This can also be used with the use of multiple languages. 

    "The equipment offered by Congress Rental was of very high quality and proved to be vital for us to work in the best possible conditions."

    Carolina Cannard
    French Simultaneous Interpreter

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