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10th World Avocado Congress New Zealand 2023

Aotea Centre, Auckland, New Zealand

10th World Avocado Congress

Aotea Centre, Auckland, New Zealand
Supported by Congress Rental New Zealand Ltd


It was an exhilarating week for the global avocado industry as over 1,100 delegates from 33 countries convened in Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland for the highly anticipated World Avocado Congress New Zealand 2023. The event commenced with a captivating opening ceremony on Sunday.

Throughout the conference, attendees delved into discussions centered around avocados, sustainability, and global supply chains, sharing insights and fostering collaboration.

Among the delegates, approximately 700 individuals required Spanish Interpretation services across four different venue rooms. Working in close collaboration with The Conference Company, Congress Rental delivered a high-quality solution to facilitate seamless multilingual communication.


English <> Spanish Interpretation across the Theatre and 3 Breakout Rooms, used by over 700 participants over 3 and a half days. Congress Rental New Zealand was entrusted with the responsibility of providing Simultaneous Interoperation Support, enabling seamless communication between English and Spanish-speaking attendees during the plenary session and three breakout rooms. This case study outlines our meticulous preparation, efficient setup, and unwavering support throughout the event, contributing to a successful conference experience.

Event: 10th World Avocado Congress
Our Client: The Conference Company
Location: Aotea Centre, Auckland, New Zealand
Dates: 2nd - 5th April 2023

Planning and Setup

Congress Rental worked closely with The Conference Company to provide a solution to the multilingual Avocado Congress with our Digital Bosch Interpretation System throughout the venue in the Plenary, and breakout rooms within the Aotea Centre in Auckland.

Congress Rental worked closely with The Conference Company, utilizing floor plans and a detailed run-sheet to devise optimal interpretation solutions. We presented multiple options, including both Remote Interpretation and Onsite proposals, to cater to the unique needs of the World Avocado Congress. Ultimately, the decision was made to employ Onsite interpretation, ensuring the highest possible quality by allowing interpreters to interact and work in our ISO 4043 Audi-pack Booths.

Congress Rental's focus during the event setup phase was to seamlessly integrate the interpretation services throughout the venue. Key aspects of our setup process included:

  • ISO 4043 Audi-pack Booths: We installed soundproof and ISO 4043-compliant interpretation booths in the Plenary and breakout rooms, providing interpreters with a high-quality and conducive working environment.

  • Digital Bosch Interpretation System: We deployed state-of-the-art digital interpretation equipment, ensuring clear and reliable audio distribution to all attendees.

  • Language Channel Configuration: Our team meticulously configured the interpretation system, allocating specific language channels for English and Spanish interpretation, enabling participants to select their preferred language.

Plenery - Kiri Te Kanawa Theatre, Aotea Centre

The focal point of the event, the Plenary session, took place in the prestigious Kiri Te Kanawa Theatre at the Aotea Centre. To ensure comprehensive interpretation coverage, we strategically set up our radiators on the sides of the stage, providing optimal visibility to the audience.

Our infra-red technology system, allowed attendees to receive the interpreted audio signal through wireless receivers and headsets, ensuring a seamless multilingual experience. This technology enabled participants to select their preferred language channel, either English or Spanish, and listen to the interpretation in real-time.

To facilitate efficient interpretation delivery, we incorporated a PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) camera infront of the stage. This camera system provided the interpreters with a live feed of the event, allowing them to closely follow the proceedings and capture important visual cues. By having a clear view of the onstage activities, the interpreters were able to provide high-quality delivery, accurately conveying context of the presentations.

The combination of our advanced infra-red technology, onsite interpretation setup, and the use of a PTZ camera ensured that the interpretation service was seamless, reliable, and of the highest quality. This setup enhanced the overall conference experience for both English and Spanish-speaking attendees, effectively bridging the language gap and fostering effective communication throughout the event.

Breakout Rooms - Hanua 1, Hanua 2 and 3 and Waitakere 1,2 and 3, Aotea Centre

The World Avocado Congress provided attendees with the opportunity to engage in focused discussions and explore specific topics within three breakout spaces at the Aotea Centre: Hanua 1, Hanua 2 & 3, and Waitakere 1, 2 & 3. To ensure language accessibility in these smaller rooms, our Interpretation System was seamlessly integrated.

In each of the breakout rooms, we set up our  Audipack ISO 4043 Booths once again, which provided interpreters with a dedicated and soundproof environment to deliver their interpretations accurately and without distractions. This booth complied with ISO 4043 standards, guaranteeing optimal working conditions for the interpreters.

This setup enabled participants to actively participate in focused discussions, select their preferred language, and engage with the content being presented, regardless of their native language.

Remote Interpretation Solution

During the World Avocado Congress, we encountered an unforeseen challenge when one of our interpreters was unable to continue with the event. This situation placed us in a difficult position, but thanks to our extensive network within the interpretation industry, we swiftly reached out to secure the assistance of a highly rated interpreter. This resourceful solution allowed us to seamlessly transition to Remote Interpretation services.

In response to this unexpected development, our team promptly mobilized to set up an onsite system that could support and deliver remote interpretation for one of the breakout rooms. This involved deploying the necessary technology and configuring the audio and visual infrastructure to facilitate smooth and uninterrupted communication between the remote interpreter and the participants in that specific breakout room. Despite the challenge, our dedicated team ensured that the event continued without any major disruptions, showcasing our ability to adapt and find innovative solutions in the face of unexpected circumstances.


By delivering seamless multilingual support through the Digital Bosch Interpretation System at the World Avocado Congress, Congress Rental successfully contributed to the overall success of the event. Our collaborative planning, versatile interpretation options, meticulous preparations, and unwavering support throughout the conference resulted in enhanced communication, improved participant experience, and positive feedback from both the event organizers and attendees.

As a trusted provider of language interpretation services, Congress Rental remains committed to delivering exceptional multilingual experiences for future events and conferences.

Equipment Requirements & Support:

Hardware Support:

  • 8x Bosch Next Generation Interpreter iDesks

  • 4x ISO 4043 Audi-pack Interpreter Booths

  • 4x CCU2 Control Units

  • 9x Bosch HD Dome Cameras

  • 4x Infrared Transmitters

  • 4x CCU2 Control Units

  • 10x Bosch High Powered Radiators

  • 700x Digital Bosch Receivers

  • 2x 1080 Kato PTZ Cameras

  • 1x Kato PTX Joystick Controller

  • 3x Samsung 24” Monitors

Remote Support:

  • 3x Production Laptops

  • 3x Focusrite I/O Interfaces

  • Zoom Remote Integration

Technical Support:

  • 3x Installation Technicians

  • 4x Onsite Technicians

  • 4x Dismantle Technicians

End User:

The 10th World Avocado Congress is proudly hosted by:
World Avocado Congress NZ Ltd, a subsidiary of NZ Avocado Ltd

"The equipment offered by Congress Rental was of very high quality and proved to be vital for us to work in the best possible conditions."

Carolina Cannard
French Simultaneous Interpreter


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