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Remote Interpretation

Online Meetings with Interpretation 

World-class end-to-end language integrations made simple.

Our video remote interpreting service allows interpretation from any location, not just in the venue - so you can bring your event in multiple languages to audiences around the world. The platform enables the audience and the speakers to participate remotely in conferences and similar events. 

Our remote interpretation solution can integrate languages into any of the video-conferencing or streaming platforms that you already use including Zoom, Youtube Streaming, Webex, and more!

How It works

Our skilled technicians handle the presenter's audio and video content, transmitting it through the remote platform to the interpreters.

The interpreter's audio is then channeled into a dedicated language stream accessible to both on-site and remote delegates.

Each language is assigned its exclusive audio and/or video stream, ensuring a seamless viewing and listening experience for all delegates.


Bit encryption for secure streams


Configurations available. Onsite - Remote - Hybrid - Cloud


Languages can be used at any one time

What We Have To Offer

  • Secure Streams with 128 Bit encryption and up to 32 channels.

  • Interpreters use personal laptops / desktops to receive the video and audio streams from the event.

  • A Chairperson has full control over the meeting management, including muting/unmuting users' microphones, changing incoming/outgoing channels, and logging users out.

  • Presenters can use laptops for their video and audio streams, access video and audio from other presenters, and utilize live chat functions for public or private communication while muted.

  • Audience Members may access Real-Time Interpretation using Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Wi-Fi, or Mobile Data, and Traditional Headsets with Standard IR Receivers.

  • Integrated Chat platform between Interpreters, Moderators, Chairpersons and Presenters to provide instant silent communication.

"Your team in Sydney made it happen but frankly without Liam I don’t think we could have got the Chair through it. He was operating in extreme conditions and constant communication with Hobart was essential."

David Agnew

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