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Translation Equipment

Crystal Clear Interpretation 

Experience the Cutting-Edge Power of our Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment!
Immerse delegates in crystal-clear, digital audio delivered seamlessly through the latest Bosch Wireless infrared technology.

Choose us for your conference with prestigious executive-level attendees, where speed and precision are important, and reliability is essential.

Break down language barriers and ensure all participants understand your presentations and conferences with unrivaled clarity – regardless of language!

How it works

Simultaneous interpretation involves the real-time verbal translation of proceedings at a conference or event. Our equipment plays a crucial role in enabling simultaneous interpretation.

This process is characterized by three main steps:

  1. Transmission of the 'Floor Language': The spoken word of the speaker, conference lecturer, or primary presenter are transmitted to our interpreters in booths via conference microphones.

  2. Simultaneous Interpretation: Our skilled interpreters attentively listen to the presentation, providing real-time interpretation into the desired language.

  3. Audience Delivery: The interpreted audio feeds are wirelessly transmitted to respective audience members using our state-of-the-art Bosch infrared receiver and headset package.

This structured approach effectively bridges language barriers, facilitating seamless communication in multilingual settings.


Years of Experience within the events industry


Successful Interpretation Events Completed


Simultaneous Languages at any one time

What We Have To Offer

  • State-of-the-art Bosch equipment supporting up to 32 language channels.

  • Our Audicom Booths are the only ones in New Zealand which comply with ISO 4043 standards, ensuring the best possible sound isolation.

  • Bosch DCN Equipment provides an intuitive user interface, allowing ease of use for interpreters and delegates alike.

  • We have over 20 years of expertise as New Zealand's leading Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment supplier.

  • Latest Bosch Infrared Technologies ensure reliable wireless audio performance.

"The equipment offered by Congress Rental was of very high quality and proved to be vital for us to work in the best possible conditions."

Carolina Cannard
French Simultaneous Interpreter

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