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Translation Equipment

Interpretation that's as live as you can get!

Our Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment brings crisp, digital-quality interpretation audio to delegates via a wireless, infrared connection for a smoother multilingual experience. It’s perfect for sessions with executive-level attendees and those where quick turnaround of information is necessary.

Let your presentations and conferences be understood by everyone – no matter what language!

How does it work?

Simultaneous interpretation Equipment is part of a specialised service that uses dedicated equipment and three steps: The ‘floor language’, spoken by the guest speaker, conference lecturer or main presenter is transmitted to the interpretation booths.Interpreters listen to the presentation and simultaneously interpret it into the required language.  The interpreted audio feed is then delivered wirelessly to the corresponding audience members through our infrared headsets.


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Successful Interpretation Events Completed


Simultaneous Languages at any one time

Benefits & Features

  • The Infrared Simultaneous Interpretation System uses Bosch infrared technology to deliver up to 32 different language channels in crisp, digital-quality audio.
  • Our Simultaneous Interpreter Console's intuitive and user-experience driven design allow interpreters to focus on giving the best interpretation possible.
  • Congress Rental Interpretation booths are the only ones in New Zealand that are truly ISO4043 compliant. Ensure your delegates can enjoy the best simultaneous interpretation experience with industry leading sound-proofing.
  • With over 20 years of experience, Congress Rental is New Zealand's leading supplier of Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment Solutions. We combine our expertise and experience with the latest Bosch infra-red wireless technology to create the best Simultaneous Interpretation Solutions for our clients' needs.

"The equipment offered by Congress Rental was of very high quality and proved to be vital for us to work in the best possible conditions."

Carolina Cannard
French Simultaneous Interpreter

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