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Silent Conference

Silent Meeting Experiences

Deliver stunning high-definition audio direct to delegates silently

Our Infrared Silent Conferencing Solution delivers up to 32 channels of digital audio straight to delegates' ears. This means no more worrying about background noise or echoes from the room.

It’s perfect for small theatre settings in the middle of your exhibition space and also works well when hosting several breakouts in the same space.

How it works?

Our solution extracts presenter audio channels from the mixing desk, that would normally be fed into a traditional PA system, and connects this audio to our infrared radiators, which are placed around the room to provide the required coverage.
The infrared signal is received by personal devices distributed to delegates who are watching the presentations. Delegates can choose the channel that corresponds to the presentation they are interested in.


Presentations at the same time in the same space


Months battery life in each delegate device


is what each delegate device weighs

Benefits & Features

  • You can focus on giving delegates an engaging experience without having to worry about anything else. And with our infrared technology, there are no cables required so your delegates can move around with ease. Make the most of your space by hosting multiple speakers & presentations all in the same room without audio interference
  • Our premium Bosch infrared audio system delivers up to 32 channels of crisp, high-quality digital audio straight to delegates' ears.
  • Maximise audience engagement by offering them a more dynamic, user-driven experience where they get to choose the most relevant content. 
  • Our highly qualified staff will be there to guide and support you throughout the event planning and execution process

"Liam was great to work with and very responsive on site to our requirement. He's also flexible on last minute changes to make things work for us. Well done and great job!"

Andy Seah
Freeman Pte Ltd

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