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Whisper Tour
Guide Systems

One & Two Way Tour Guide Options

The best Tour Guide Systems for any application

The Congress Rental portable tour guide systems allow tour guides to easily communicate with delegates wirelessly through high quality digital audio.

The systems also come with intuitive multi-channel functions, allowing delegates to change between channels with ease. Combined with their compact and lightweight design, they are a perfect solution for a wide range of scenarios. 

How it works?

Our portable tour guide system allows for simple one or two way communication between your speaker or tour guide, and you delegates. The speaker simple presses the talk button for clear digital audio transimitted to all users within a range of up to 100m. Delegates each carry a receving device and listen in to the speaker on individual headsets. our two way system "Talk back" function allows your delegates to ask questions and communicate clearly with the speaker. 


Channels for different groups available 

1 or 2

Way Whisper Tour Guide Systems avalible


Transmitters can be used at the same time to speak to your group

Benefits & Features

  • Our Wireless Tour Guide Systems are great for tours of any size and duration. Simply use the transmitter and included headset microphone to deliver high-quality digital audio to your group. With up to 100m of range, tour members can enjoy the tour at their own pace without missing out on any of the guide's commentary.
  • The devices can also be configured as a simple Whisper System solution for delivering Simultaneous Interpretation at lower-level meetings and events. Interpreters simply use the transmitters to send whispered simultaneous interpretation audio to delegates. For a more professional solution, we recommend our Infrared Interpretation System.
  • Our one-way systems allow for simple one-way communication and come with a range of features, including 99 channels, a range of 50m and up to 10 hours battery life on a shingle charge. 
  • Our two-way systems are the best solution for all of your two-way communication needs, they have a range of up to 100m 18 hours of battery life, and a "Talk Back" function to allow delgates to ask questions. 

"Just finished the programme and the system was flawless!!"

Chris Sutton - Service Delivery Manager
New Zealand Rugby

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