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Audience Response

Multiple voting options

Empower Your Conference with Cutting-Edge Voting Systems!

Experience the future of delegate engagement with our Audience Response System.
Elevate your conferences to new heights, with real-time voting and instant feedback that captivates and informs your audience.
Harness the power of interactive technology and transform every event into an unforgettable experience. Discover the possibilities today! 

How it works

Our Audience Response Systems offer versatile voting choices for your audience, making participation easy and engaging. Whether you're conducting a poll or a quiz, here's how it works:

During your event, your audience will be presented with a question or option, like selecting their favourite sport.

The system then allows attendees to choose from multiple options, giving them the freedom to express their preference or choice.

With our system, you can effortlessly gather preferences and insights, and give your audience the freedom to choose from a variety of options, enhancing their involvement and enjoyment.


System options available for voting flexibility

Easy to use 

No user training needed with our hardware keypad solution


Wireless Technology for the Keypad Voting System

What We Have To Offer 

  • Option between Anonymous or Tracked responses.

  • We have 4 of the Highest quality Audience response systems including:
    Keypad provided, Audience Interaction, Smartphone, Event App.

  • Game-Like voting options to keep the experience interesting, ensuring that your audience remains engaged and excited.

  • Valuable insights through intricate audience data.

  • Real-Time Tallying as the votes roll in.

  • No training needed for users, as our systems are intuitive yet powerful.

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