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Elevate Your Conference With Bosch

When it comes to conference solutions, our Bosch DCN microphones are the epitome of excellence. They effortlessly cater to your conference needs, whether you're in the grand plenary session or intimate breakout areas. But where they truly shine is in synergy with our Simultaneous Interpretation System, bridging the gap between the live experience in the room and crystal-clear interpretation on the headsets.

Our Conference Microphones are the preferred choice for prestigious international conferences, high-stakes bilateral trade negotiations, and crucial government meetings. With their unmatched performance, they are your ideal partner for fostering dynamic and interactive discussions.

Elevate your conferences to new heights with our Bosch conference microphones - your key to flawless communication and engagement.

How it works

When it comes to fostering interactive discussions, our conference microphones are your ideal choice.

Each microphone unit is thoughtfully designed, featuring a convenient on/off button and a built-in loudspeaker. Say goodbye to the common hassles of noise and feedback that often plague conventional microphones. Our microphones are often referred to as 'Push to Talk' microphones for their seamless performance.

What's more, our microphones seamlessly integrate with your video conferencing and teleconferencing systems, making them a perfect solution for rooms with challenging acoustics. Elevate your communication game with our advanced microphone technology.


Types of microphones for your requirements


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Microphones can be used with microphone management software

What We Have To Offer

  • Versatile Microphones: Wired, Wireless, Push to Talk, Serial, and Table Options for Diverse Applications, from Government Meetings to Interactive Gatherings.

  • Customize our microphones to your requirements with options for logos, voting, presenter control, and video integration.

  • Optional Hands-Free Operation with Voice Mode for Automatic Activation.

  • High Quality audio as is synonymous with Bosch systems.

  • Seamless integration with Simultaneous Interpretation.

"Quality equipment & quality service."

Andrew Couwenbergh
AV Media

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