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Wired and Wireless Options

Conference Microphone for all requirements

Conference microphones are ideally suited to work with simultaneous interpretation systems. They are also ideal in either plenary or breakout areas.

Our Conference Microphones are used for major international conferences, bi-lateral trade negotiations, and many government meetings. No matter what your needs may be, these microphones are perfect for any interactive discussion.

How it works?

Conference microphones are used for all your interactive discussion needs. Each microphone unit includes an on/off button and a built-in loudspeaker. They eliminate the problems of noise and feedback that exist with conventional microphones. These are often referred to as “Push to Talk” microphones. 
Our MIcrophones can be integrated with your video conferencing system and teleconferencing, especially where there are difficult acoustics in the room..


Types of microphones for your requirements


World Leaders have used our microphones


Microphones can be used with microphone management software

Benefits & Features

  • The microphones come as either wired or wireless models. We use only Bosch equipment, for their high quality audio and features which include Push to Talk, also known as PTT Microphones and Voice Activated Microphones.
  • Our microphones can be customised to your requirements, with options for logos, voting, presenter control and video intergration
  • These wireless & wired microphones, Push to Talk microphones, serial microphones and table microphones have a multitude of applications. Including, high level government meetings, association meetings, conference room installations, board room installations, in fact any meeting where there is interactivity. 
  • Our microphones can also be used handsfree, this is called “Voice Mode” and the microphones detect the person speaking and automatically turn themselves on.

"Quality equipment & quality service."

Andrew Couwenbergh
AV Media

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