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Our Team

To Tatou Whānau

Our Team

We strive to offer you an amazing experience and high quality service, therefore we are very selective who joins our team. 

Our company is certified by Bosch - Congress Rental technicians are qualified either directly by Bosch or through a rigorous internal training program.

Our staff and technicians are trained to problem solve and resolve issues, should they occur. They pay particular attention to ensuring that all cabling is discrete or hidden, and to ensure there are no safety hazards created.

Our technicians constantly monitor our systems to ensure that any issues are rectified immediately, often before delegates know that a problem exists.


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Our Technicians

Our technicians and producers are fully trained in both customer service and product knowledge to ensure that conferences and events run smoothly. They install the equipment, monitor the proceedings and have the presentation skills that enable them to interact with clients, other staff, interpreters and delegates about all aspects of the event, including how to use the equipment.

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