Audience response systems allow members of your audience to become active participants. The system provides a relationship between your conference audience and presenter. It encourages conversation, active participation, sharing of knowledge, gathering of information and decision-making.

  • You choose the device- keypad, smartphone or tablet
  • Polls can be anonymous or tracked.
  • Real-time polling results can be displayed immediately.
  • Factual data reports are produced displaying rich data

As experts in the field, we are here to make your audience response experience amazing. We listen to your requirements and consult with you on all the possible solutions.

Audience Response: How it works

We work with you to determine the right solution, and then craft questions that get the very best out of your audience.

This not only provides them with a highly interactive and entertaining experience, but also provides you with useful insights and complex data from your audience.

Step 1: You Choose The Device

Choose the device your audience can use to vote!

We offer solutions with keypads, ​ smartphones and tablets.

Step 2: Live Audience Polling during the Event
You ask the audience a question. They answer via keypad, webpage or app. The live poll, Q&A or word cloud is processed real time and changes before your eyes.
Step 3: Informative Data Reports after the event
We generate reports to help you analyse both quantitative and qualitative data from your event.

Audience response devices help presenters understand their audience, both demographically and intellectually.

By gauging the current knowledge of audience members, it enables them to identify the level at which they need to deliver their talk.

The ability to cater the content of their presentation to best suit the needs of their specific demographic guarantees the client improved audience engagement.

Direct participation through technological game-like interaction draws the audience in, boosting focus and retention.

Equipment Specification

We have sourced four of the best Audience Response solutions, each providing something unique and special: Keypad Provided System, Smartphone System, Audience Interaction System, Event App System.

We work with you to determine the right solution and provide the very best technology systems to ensure that your event is a success!

Keypad Provided System

The keypad provided solution is perfect for someone who wants a simple, easy way to engage with their audience without an internet connection.

​As this solution is PowerPoint driven, it is fully customisable.

Smartphone Audience Response System

This simple smartphone solution can be accessed via URL or app.

Off-site viewers can also participate in live voting via this solution.

Audience Interaction Smartphone System

Turn any delegate’s device into a microphone via a Wi-Fi connection.

This means anyone, anywhere at your event can have their own say.

Event App Audience Response System

This solution delivers a comprehensive event app with in-built audience response.

Each feature displays live results guaranteed to engage your audience!

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