Conference Microphone Video Integration Solutions

Conference Microphone Integration Solutions

Congress Rental has a unique mechanism that allows a Video Dome Camera to automatically track to any microphone that is turned on, to focus on the delegate and provide a video feed output of that delegate without any user intervention.

The video dome camera integrates with the conference microphones. The video dome system can be integrated with a video conferencing system to offer a far superior performance compared to a standard video conferencing option.

The system can manage an unlimited number of video dome cameras and automatically have those video dome cameras with software control automatically track to any “live” conference microphones at the event.

Congress Rental has developed this technology so that the video dome cameras sit on pedestals that have been optimised in height. The video dome cameras can also be hung from trusses should they be required.

Applications for this dome camera integration with microphones include: Provision of additional visibility for delegates in a large hollow square configuration. For press rooms, overflow rooms or viewing rooms, where video and audio from the main room need to be seen and heard remotely.

This system integrates standard Bosch dome cameras along with a video switcher & Bosch conference microphones.

Conference Microphone Video Integration

Conference Microphone Video Integration
G20 Finance Minister's Meeting

Our conference microphones can be integrated with the Bosch dome camera system to create an automated video system.

When the microphone is turned on, the dome camera automatically rotates to the microphone that is on and the captured video is displayed to screen.

This is ideal for large meetings where you cannot directly see all participants or if there is remote viewing of the meeting.

Software control and queuing

Our microphone systems will integrate with our PC based software queuing system and our Video Dome system.

The queuing system uses either a smart card or fixed seating to associate a name with a microphone.

The chairman can then select the delegate of choice from those that have selected to go in the queue.

Remote Interpretation Using Conference Microphone Integration

A key problem that these Auto-dome cameras and Microphones solve is the requirement to have Remote Interpretation.

Whereby the room needs to be secure, or is too small for the booths, and they need to be located in an adjoining room.

Monitors are mounted in front of the booths and show an overview of the room and a close up shot of the Speaker.

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