Conference Microphone Software Control

Conference Microphone Integration Solutions

Our Bosch products can be enhanced with the use of additional software.

Our microphone systems will integrate with our PC based software queuing system and our Video Dome System.

The queuing system uses either a smart card or fixed seating to associate a name with a microphone.

The chairman can then select the delegate of choice from those that have selected to go in the queue.

Conference Microphone Software Control

Microphone Management

This microphone management software shows (in green) a list of delegates who wish to speak, along with their organisation /country and seat number.

It also shows (in red) the delegate who has been invited to speak by the chairman.

Smart Card Integration

In this example, every delegate is issued with a smart card, that they insert into the microphone to identify themselves.

This means delegates can sit anywhere in the meeting room and still be identified by the chairman without the need to raise their name board or draw attention to themselves in any other way.

Synoptic Map

We can also provide a map type layout of the microphones in the room, called ‘Synoptic’.

This is provided with a view from the perspective of the chairman of the meeting, so that the delegate or delegated (in red) speaking can be identified.

All those in green are the same people in the queue waiting to speak.

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