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Hearing Loop Systems

Personal Hearing Systems

New Zealand's Best Personal Hearing Loop System

The personal hearing loop is a wireless, portable audio transmission system, in which clear digital audio is fed through a transmitter unit connected to the audio desk at the venue and sent over 2.4GHz frequency to the receiver units. The receiver units then interface with a personal induction hearing loop that is worn around the user’s neck. The delegate receives a direct feed to their assistive listening device.

This device is compatible with ‘T-coil’ hearing aids only.

Hearing Loop System

Our hearing loops are compatible with our silent conferencing, simultaneous interpretation and whisper system solutions. They are an idea add on for delegates who need additional audio requirements and use a T coil hearing loop. 

Freedom of movement

Let your delegates sit wherever they like, our highly trained technicians will ensure full covereage of your event. 

Ease of use

Our receivers and hearing loops are simple to use, and very user friendly. They can be worn on a lanyard around the neck for hands free use. 

Quality Assurance

Our technicians are available to fully support the event, ensuring smooth operations at all times. 

Multiple channels

Our systems deliver at least 32 channels of crisp, high-quality digital audio straight to delegates' hearing loops.

Product and Features

In addition to the features of our digital receivers, the hearing loops offer 

  • Up to 50m range.
  • Up to 100 channels available.
  • Rechargeable with 10 hours of life on a single charge.
  • 2.4 GHz means no broadcasting license required.
  • Intuitive user controls.
  • Clear digital audio.

"The equipment offered by Congress Rental was of very high quality and proved to be vital for us to work in the best possible conditions."

Carolina Cannard
French Simultaneous Interpreter

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