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Two Way Whisper
Tour Guide Systems

Interactive two way comunication

Whispered Communication

Our Two Way Communication Whisper Systems are perfect for tours or events where you want your delegates to be able to quickly and easily interact with your speaker or Interpreter. At a simple touch of a button the delegates can ask questions or make comments back to the speaker over the whispered system, without the need to speak loudly across a busy room or area. 

Two Way Whisper Systems

A whispered system is a wireless set of equipment consisting of a headset microphone worn by the guide or interpreter, and numerous receivers with headphones and mics worn by the delegates.  

Our two-way systems are the best solution for all of your two-way communication needs and ensure your delegates receive high quality crisp audio in both directions when speaking with and listening to the presenter. 

One and two way systems

We have both one way and two way systems in stock. These are the most versatile and advanced digital listening systems available.

High Quality Audio

Similar to our services offered in silent conference and interpretation equipment, all units have high quality digital audio with multi-channel functions.

Flexible options

Each system can be customised to your needs, and is available for hiring or purchase. 

User friendly

Our expert technicians wil set these kits up ready to go, so all you need to do on the day is turn them on.

Products and benefits

A tour guide system is generally made up of one transmitter with a hands-free microphone for the tour guide leader and 20 receivers with tour guide headsets for the participants. This configuration is entirely flexible. Each system is supplied with a re-chargeable case, or clients can choose to use disposable batteries instead.

  • Transmitter
    • The transmitter is held by the speaker, and uses a CRHM-50A Head mic; it includes both a lanyard or a belt clip. 
  • Receiver
    • The receiver is the device held by each delegate listening to the speaker, it includes CREM-101, comes with a lanyard and a belt clip. 
  • Earpiece and headset
    • In the standard system a high quality lightweight headset is provided for the speaker and all delegates. 
  • A standard full Two Way kit contains:
    • 1 x Recharging Case suitable for up to 25 Units
    • 1 x Transmitter
    • 21 x Head worn Microphones
    • 21 x High capacity re-chargeable batteries
    • 20 x Receivers

"Liam was superb both in his communication and also follow up to ensure the product reached us in time for our deadline. His follow up and ongoing support is very much appreciated."

Shona Willis
Riccarton House

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