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For Simultaneous Interpretation

High quality expert interpreters

Congress Rental can advise and guide clients on suitable interpreters and interpreter suppliers to best meet their objectives. 

This ensures that our clients receive quality simultaneous interpretation based on location, language and budget requirements.

What is a Simultaneous Interpreter?

Simultaneous interpretation differs from consecutive interpretation, which is first listening (perhaps a few sentences of speech) and then interpreting into a second language. 

Simultaneous Interpretation Interpreters have the capacity to listen and talk at the same time while converting one language to another. 

They are the key to providing a successful Simultaneous Interpretation (Translation) Service. 

Fully Trained

The professional interpreters we work with are all put through a rigorous training program to ensure that our clients get only the best on the day of their event.

Highly Accredited

We do all of the research and vetting so that you don't have to. Our network contains only the most qualified professional interpreters from across the world.

​Subject Experts​

Our professional interpreters are experts at learning new subject matter and industry jargon quickly and efficiently to deliver flawless interpretation at your event.

​​Quality Assurance

We monitor and evaluate all aspects of our professional interpreters - from the equipment they use to their internet connection and even their working environment.

Products and Features

Finding the right Simultaneous Conference Interpreter has never been simpler. We make it simple for you to source the best conference interpreters to meet your event's needs and budget. We work with a global network of world-class interpreters to provide you the best interpreters for any language combination or subject matter.

  • Language Requirements
    • We will work with you to find out what languages your event need and if there are any specific regional dialects that need to be accounted for. 
  • Event details
    • The topics and industry specific "jargon" of your event will influence the interpretation requirements, our database of interpreters will help to find the right person to cater for your specific event. 
  • Interpretation sourced
    • We will search our network to find professional interpreters that best meet the needs of your event. You get to decide which interpreters to use

In my eight years living in New Zealand I did not know that these booths already exist in the country. They made my job as an interpreter much easier.​

SandraSoto Johnson - Interpreter

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