Infra-Red Interpretation Equipment

Interpretation Equipment Solutions

Congress Rental provides high quality Integrus Digital Infrared Systems and other accessories as part of their Interpretation/ Translation Equipment and Silent PA solutions/ Silent Conferencing.

Full system checks are undertaken prior to all events. The equipment is then re-checked each day prior to the start of the day’s event.

Technicians are always available on site at least 1 hour prior to the commencement of the event and earlier on the first day.

Each of our services come with the experience backed from our other operations, including Silent Conferences and providing Tour Guide Audio Systems.

Digital Noise Free Bosch 32 Channel Receivers


Our receivers are digital, which ensures that they are 100% interference free, guaranteeing every channel has perfect audio.

We can guarantee that we will be able to use each channel from Channel 1 through to Channel 32 consecutively, ‘following one after another without interruption’, and without noise or interference. If you consider an alternative supplier who does not have Bosch Integrus Digital, they can’t make the same promise.

We stopped using analogue technology over five years ago! It is outdated technology, susceptible to lighting and other ambient noise sources. It does not have the same quality as the Bosch Digital Receivers. We know the pitfalls and problems.

Each receiver has a built in signal detector. We use this to test the room to ensure that coverage is perfect throughout the room. We do this prior to the delegates arriving, so we know that the signal in the room is perfect for every delegate, wherever they sit.


Our Radiators are 25 watts. This means that you get the largest coverage with the least number of radiators. We guarantee the coverage, as we carefully calculate the number of radiators required based on the number of channels and area to be covered.

We mount the radiators on stands for most conferences. However, if there is no room for the stand, or if you would like to remove them for aesthetic purposes, they can be mounted from a truss.

The radiators have a “delay switch” on the rear. It is adjusted to compensate for cable lengths. A trained technician is required to calculate and set this to ensure the optimum performance of all radiators in a system.

Integrus System
  • Excellent audio quality – CD Quality Mono and Stereo configurable
  • Advanced digital technology
    Supersedes Analogue technology, which has moderate audio quality
  • Digital Transmission Guarantees high audio quality wherever you sit
  • Not susceptible to new lighting technologies (unlike analogue systems)
  • Infra-red for freedom of movement for delegates
  • Simultaneous interpretation – Different languages supported on different Channels, automatically inserts the floor channel when Interpreter is not interpreting so delegates get a continuous feed of the home language.
  • User-friendly channel selection – Only occupied channels are displayed on the receiver

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