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Conference Interpretation Booths

Soundproof ISO 4043 Interpretation Booths

The only ISO 4043 Standard Booths in New Zealand

Our Booths are the only officially certified ISO4043 Booths in New Zealand. This simply means they support international standards for an interpreter booth which provides a high quality confortable working environment for our interpreters. 

What is an Interpretation Booth?

An interpretation booth is a portable soundproof room specifially designed for interpreters to work a conference or event. The standard size booth comfortable fits two interpreters, so they can easily work in pairs, but can also be extended to fit three if required. 

Our Interpreter booths can be set up indoors or outdoors, and can be placed onsite within veiw of the speakers, or remote to the event (with a video stream).   

Quality Assurance

Our technicians are available to fully support the event, they will carefully assess your event location and determine a successful set-up to ensure your event is seamless and error-free.

Highly Accredited

If you need us to source interpreters, we do all of the research and vetting so that you don't have to. Our network contains only the most qualified professional interpreters from across the world.

Fully Trained

The professional interpreters we work with are all put through a rigorous training program to ensure that our clients get only the best on the day of their event.

Technician Support

Interpreters are the backbone to a successful multilingual event. At Congress Rental, we believe that the support and availability of our technicians throughout the event for the interpreters is a crucial part of the setup. Our technicians are approachable and professional and will go the extra mile to help get the interpreters through an event without any issues. 

Products and Features

Interpreters with excellent equipment are key to providing a successful Simultaneous Interpretation Service. Our interpretation booths are designed to work with our Infrared Digital System, and are set up by our technicians to ensure high quality audio on the event days. 

Inside the booth, the interpreters are provided with Idesks (microphones), fans, lights, headsets and any other requirements of the event. 

  • Interpretation Booths 
    • Congress Rental Booths are the only ones that are truly ISO4043 compliant.
    • Our sound proof certification testing shows that they meet the sound proof standards.
    • These booths are always supplied with fans in the roof that provide the required amount of air circulation. Interpreters love our sound proof booths!
  • DCN-IDESK Bosch Interpreter Desk
    • This device is the Interpreters microphone, and is specifically designed for interpreters working in pairs. It has low susceptibility to mobile phone interference, is ergonomically design with features for visually impaired & can support up to 31 interpretation channels and the original floor language with an Audio bandwidth of 20 kHz.
    • The IDesk also featues a graphic LCD with backlighting for bright information display in dark conditions, 5 pre-select keys for relay languages with activation indication at the display & is compliant to ISO 2603.
  • Headphone options 
    • At Congress Rental, we have a range of headphone and headset options compatible with our interpretation system. Each of our products are lightweight for user comfort and convenience, and come with a gold-plated jack as standard.

Highly recommended and by far the best in all of New Zealand and makes our job as simultaneous interpreter so easy and stress free. Staff is very dedicated and fully supportive!

Simran Mavi - Interpreter

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