Simultaneous Language Interpreters

Interpretation Equipment Solutions

Finding an Interpreter
Simultaneous Interpretation Interpreters are key to providing a successful Simultaneous Interpretation (Translation) Service. They have the capacity to listen and talk at the same time while converting one language to another.

Congress Rental can advise and guide clients on suitable language interpreters and interpreter suppliers to best meet their objectives. This ensures that our clients receive quality simultaneous interpretation based on location, language and budget requirements

Simultaneous Interpreters

Simultaneous vs Consecutive

Simultaneous interpretation differs from consecutive interpretation, which is first listening (perhaps a few sentences of speech) and then interpreting into a second language.

Consecutive interpretation takes twice as long as simultaneous interpretation and loses the spontaneity of conversation that is captured with simultaneous interpretation.

​When clients look to source simultaneous interpretation interpreters, they should always ensure that they are suitably qualified. Many interpreters may claim they can undertake simultaneous interpretation, but this is not the case.

Simultaneous interpretation interpreters are a “special breed”. They have the capacity to listen and talk at the same time while converting from one language to another.

Equipment Design

We will guide you through the options available and advise you which interpretation equipment best fits your requirement. We will plan your event with attention to detail and deliver it flawlessly, always communicating and keeping you informed.

All Bosch equipment has been designed in conjunction with interpreters and Interpreter Professional Organisations (AIIC).

The interpreters always have their own interpreter desk (console) and have complete control of their input and output languages, as well as volume, bass and treble.

All interpreter desks have relay facilities.


Our technicians look after the interests of the interpreters to ensure that all their needs are met.

This includes ensuring the equipment is set up in order to meet the individual interpreter’s personal preferences, locating the booths with line-of-site to the presenter and the visual presentation material, and ensuring that water and glasses are provided to the interpreters.

Prior to each event, our technicians will test the equipment with the interpreters in situ, this will ensure that there is an end to end test of the equipment and the system.

This gives the interpreters comfort that everything is tested and working, and the technician comfort that the interpreters are familiar with the configuration of the equipment.

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