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Digital Infrared

Digital Noise Free Technology

Interference free audio

Congress Rental provides high quality Integrus Digital Infrared Systems and other accessories as part of their Interpretation / Translation Equipment and Silent PA solutions / Silent Conferencing. 

Our receivers are digital, which ensures that they are 100% interference free, so every channel has perfect audio - and our technicians will gaurantee coverage in all corners of your event.

What is Digital Infrared Equipment?

Our digital equipment can support up to 32 channels of audio. The Audio Streams are then transmitted to several radiators placed at specific intervals around the room, and which distribute the 32 channels of crisp clear audio to delegates headsets - letting the delegate choose which audio channel (or language if using simultaneous interpretation) to listen to. 

Using digital technology ensures excellent audio quality, regardless of where the listener is sitting in the room, and is 100% interference free. 

Silent Technology

Our audio system can be completely silent, meaning you can have more than one stream of audio running in the same space - perfect for single room breakouts. 

Freedom of movement

Let your delegates sit wherever they like, our highly trained technicians will ensure full coverage of your event. 

Simultaneous interpretation

This technology supports interpretation of up to 32 langauges at any one event, so your delegates can listen in to the language of their choice. 

Quality Assurance

Our technicians are available to fully support the event, ensuring smooth operations at all times. 

Products and Features

We can take the stress out of planning an audio system for a multi steam event, our products are designed for excellent audio quality and the hardware on the day ensures user friendly operation. 

  • Receivers 
    • Our receivers are specially designed for maximum performance and a long battery life time. Digital Receivers are used by each delegate at events; paired with our headphones (or any standard 3.5mm headphone) these devices give the delegate the power to choose the audio stream they want to tune into. Our receivers are 100% interference free, guaranteeing every channel has perfect audio.
  • High Powered Radiators
    • Our Radiators are 25 watts, Automatic gain control ensures the IREDs (infrared emitting diodes) function with maximum efficiency,Power output selection is available for efficiency and economy. This means that you get the largest coverage with the least number of radiators. We guarantee the coverage, as we carefully calculate the number of radiators required based on the number of channels and area to be covered. One of our trained technicians will calculate and set this to ensure the optimum performance of all radiators in a system.
  • Integrus System
    • The full Digital Infared System is designed to gaurantee high quality audio wherever you sit, it is not susceptible to interderence or lighting technologies, is very user friendly and can be integrated with our Simultaneuos interpretation, Silent Conferning, Silent PA and Microphone systems

"The setup we required was not your everyday event and the way Congress Rental was able to move with ever changing requirements was excellent."

Robert Oliver - Kodum Ltd

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