Silent Conference Systems, also known as Silent PA Systems, allow you to communicate multiple audio (tracks/streams/channels) into the same space, where users can select their channel of choice.

If you need privacy, you can limit the distribution of audio to a limited audience. With multiple video channel choices the audience selects their own soundtrack. 

Delegates can move between stations at a venue with different audio tracks. Infrared multi-channel distribution allows up to 32 channels of audio transmission simultaneously.

Each participant carries a receiver and headphone, and selects their desired channel.

Silent Conference: How does it work?

Silent Conference Equipment allows multiple presentations to take place simultaneously in the same space without noise interference

Step 1: Choose Your Style of Silent Conference
  • Silent Theatre
  • Silent Breakouts
  • Silent Meeting
  • Silent Tours
  • Silent Trade Show
Step 2: Tell Us Your Needs
  • How many silent audio channels you would like?
  • How many delegates will be listening to silent headsets?
  • How big is your silent event space?
Step 3: We Take Care of the Rest
  • We will work with you to find the best solution for your event
  • Each delegate will receive a set of silent headphones and a receiver, so that they can listen to the desired audio track
  • Delegates can switch between audio channels at will. Only available channels will be shown, no empty channels to flick through!
  • Our technicians will install and operate your event to ensure that your event goes off without a hitch!


  • Maximise your space by partitioning a large area without audio interference
  • Engage your audience by giving them the choice to move between stations and select their own audio track
  • Create privacy by limiting the distribution of audio to a specific audience
  • Save on room hire and traditional audio visual equipment
  • Support events of any size, from a handful of people to a few thousand people
  • Provide a modern and new approach that adds engagement

Equipment Specification

Infrared multi-channel distribution allows up to 32 channels of HD audio quality transmission simultaneously.

Each participant carries a receiver and headphones and selects their desired channel to achieve the ‘silent’ effect at the event.

Similar to our services with tour guide audio equipment and interpretation technology, all units have high quality digital audio with multi-channel functions, allowing delegates to change between channels with ease.

See below for more the specifications of each individual product required for Silent PA systems.

Audio Mixing Console

Each presenter is given a microphone.

Either a lapel microphone or a radio handheld.

This is fed into a traditional mixing desk to be distributed.


For each microphone into the mixing desk there is an output that is connected to our transmitter.

Rather than to a normal PA system and loudspeakers.


The transmitter combines the audio channels together and sends them to our radiators.

The radiators are placed around the room to provide the required coverage. The bigger the area the more radiators are required.

Receiver & Headphone

Delegates are then provided with receivers and headphones.

Delegates can choose the channel that corresponds to the presentation they are interested in, and it flows through the system to their headphones

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