Congress Rental makes the process of adding Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment (translation system equipment) to a conference or meeting straight forward.

We are specialists in this field and can advise you on all aspects relating to Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous Interpretation is not an automated Service. With a professional interpreter or interpreters in a separate room or soundproof booth, at the helm of a synchronised personal audio system, they relay the information from the guest speaker in real-time, providing a seamless experience for audience members of other origins and linguistic backgrounds.

This technology requires a unique set of equipment, all of which Congress Rental can provide.

The Simultaneous Interpretation Process: Step by Step

There are three parts to providing a simultaneous interpretation system.​

Our goal is to ensure a perfect customer experience by providing the best Bosch Interpretation equipment (translation system equipment), Audipack booths and industry-experienced staff, trained and certified through Bosch.

Our company aims to provide a quality solution for your Congress, Conference, Event or Installation.

Step 1: Floor Language is Spoken

The ‘floor language’, spoken by the guest speaker, conference lecturer or main presenter is transmitted wirelessly through the main microphone or ‘floor feed’ to the translation control room.

Step 2: Interpreters Listen
The control room is usually in a separate location in a soundproof booth or sometimes at the back of the auditorium. From here, the interpreter or interpretation team listens to the content live as it is broadcast.
Step 3: Translation and Delivery
The content is concurrently replicated and translated by the interpreter(s) and immediately spoken into a microphone in the Interpretation booth, which is delivered wirelessly to the corresponding audience members who wear the specified headset.


Simultaneous Interpretation Interpreters are key to providing a successful Simultaneous Interpretation (Translation) Service. They have the capacity to listen and talk at the same time while converting one language to another.

Simultaneous interpretation differs from consecutive interpretation, which is first listening (perhaps a few sentences of speech) and then interpreting into a second language.

Congress Rental can advise and guide clients on suitable interpreters and interpreter suppliers to best meet their objectives. This ensures that our clients receive quality simultaneous interpretation based on location, language and budget requirements.

Equipment Specification

To ensure a perfect working system of Simultaneous Interpretation for your next conference, the following equipment is required when our certified Bosch technicians install a system into the venue or location.

Below you will find detailed specifications and information about each item and what they do in the system.

Interpretation Booths

Congress Rental Booths are the only ones that are truly ISO 4043 compliant.

They feature a space that ensures your conferences are uninterrupted and provide interpreters a pleasant work environment.


Our receivers are digital, which ensures that they are 100% interference free, guaranteeing every channel has perfect audio.

Each receiver has a built in signal detector to ensure that coverage is perfect throughout the room.


Our radiators provide the greatest coverage of infrared.

We carefully calculate the number required, based on the number of channels and the required area, to ensure maximum efficiency.

Audio Visual Technicians

Our Bosch-qualified technicians are rigorously trained, enabling them to solve problems before they become apparent to delegates and interpreters.

They ensure that all cabling is discreet or hidden and presents no safety hazard.

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